100% hire as a Tech Lead IOS Developer from the 1st try

Recruiting case in numbers

Tech Lead IOS Developer

Recruitment period—2 weeks

2 shows

Out of all candidates, 2 relevant resumes were chosen and shown to the client
2 interviews

The client chose 2 out of 2 candidates for an interview
1 offer

1 candidate out of 2 received a job offer
1 hire

1 offer = 1 hire
Alfa-Bank: Alfa Mobile team
  1. Find a Tech Lead IOS Developer (>5 years) with team management experience (>5 developers)
  2. Find a Tech Lead Android Developer (>5 years) with team management experience (>5 developers)
We have compiled a search map and a list of relevant companies. Searches that resulted in offers:
  1. Search by title, technology, and field on Russian Linkedin: site:ru.linkedin.com/in intitle:IOS OR intitle:Swift "Tech Lead" fintech OR bank
  2. Search by companies on Russian Linkedin: site:ru.linkedin.com/in intitle:Android "Tech Lead" Tinkoff
  1. The tasks were 50% completed
  2. In 3 days, 2 candidates were sent to the client. Both successfully passed the technical interview. The first candidate was offered the Tech Lead IOS Developer position, which he accepted
  3. The client was satisfied with our work, so they also asked us to fill the Tech Lead Android vacancy and gave us a KPI of 4 resumes per week, which we successfully completed. In 7 weeks, 4 offers for a Senior Android Developer position were sent, 1 was accepted with prospects of career growth. The main reasons for refusal: request for relocation and salary in foreign currency, as well as counter-offers