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Nikita Nikolaev
Founder of Hello, World

  • 4+ years in IT recruiting and 150+ filled vacancies
  • Speaker at Index Tech conferences, the Naimologi IT Recruitment Congress, and iSource sourcing expert
  • Founder of the ITRecruiterConf
  • Author of the Hello, IT Recruiter course


Telegram: @recruiternikolaev

Huntflow articles:

IT recruiting without us is like CSS without HTML

We help IT product companies reach the right talent. We understand the difference between Java/JavaScript and Java SE/Java EE/Java ME

We use 100% of recruitment sources

LinkedIn, Amazing Hiring, Podbor, Habr Сareer, Habr, GitHub, Stack Overflow, Kaggle, Twitter, Slack, Telegram, Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram, Behance, Dribbble, Networking, Job Sites, Ats, Personal Sites and etc


10 resumes per week—clickbait or real?
100% hire as a Tech Lead IOS Developer from the 1st try
5 accepted offers per month— myth or reality?
Mission possible: hire a Senior Java Developer in 2 months
How to headhunt a Senior Frontend Developer from JetBrains
Life-saving math
Company Reviews
The Hello, World team is amazing!
We work with them on different technical vacancies. They've provided us with a large flow (about 10 resumes per week) of high-profile, motivated candidates with well-structured cover letters. I’d like to highlight high work speed and prompt feedback between us and the candidate.
Keep up the good work 😊
We've been working with the Hello, World team since mid-January 2022 to find mobile developers. On January 2021, they've presented us with the 1st candidate who successfully passed the technical interview. As a result, we offered him a position of an iOS Tech Lead. The candidate accepted the job offer, and now he has been a part of our team since March! In March, we asked the Hello, World agency to find us an Android Tech Lead and set a target of 4 CV's per week. We continue to work with the team and can recommend them as responsible partners who strive for high quality! We wish them success!

We started working with Nikita in 2021, and in the first three months our Sumsub team increased by 4 Senior Java Developers and 2 Devops Engineers. A good flow of relevant candidates, fast results, and adequate communication. Highly recommend.
We work with the Hello, World team on Sr.Frontend and Sr.Backend Developer positions. Our vacancies are extremely complex because the project is science-intensive, so the requirements for candidates are non-trivial.

We conducted several iterations of determining the portrait of our ideal candidate, after which 90% of the provided resumes were as relevant to us as possible.
I'd like to highlight the speed of the team's work—there was a large flow of CV's, so we always had a big pool to choose from.
We continue working with Nikita and his team and hope that this will be a long-term friendship.
2020 / 2021 Nikita has assembled for us a team of applied mathematicians (C++) to work on a medtech project (radiation therapy) that focuses on cancer treatment.
Nikita helped us with the search for Mobile devs. All candidates were super strong, we made several job offers thanks to Nikita's team.

Hello, World are real professionals. I definitely recommend working with them!
Thanks to them, we hired a Senior Devops Engineer for a unique HFT project (high-frequency trading platform) in 1 month.

Recruitment funnel: 8 candidates were contacted, 6 successfully completed technical interviews, 4 finals, 1 offer, 1 hire.
We came up with a difficult test for the candidates, as we wanted to make sure only real experts join our team. The agency accompanied applicants at all stages of selection, always asked us for feedback, and adjusted the search strategy based on our comments.

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