Life-saving math

Recruiting case in numbers

Senior Applied Mathematician

Recruitment period—8 weeks

20 shows

20 most relevant resumes were chosen and shown to the client
14 interviews

Out of 20 candidates, 14 were invited to an interview
5 offers

5 out of 14 candidates received a job offer
4 hires

4 out of 5 offers were accepted
Reflexion is an international company that develops devices for treating oncological diseases with radiation therapy
Find a Senior Applied Mathematician (C++/Matlab) with knowledge of digital signal processing (Fourier Transform, filters and images), optimization methods (gradient descent, simplex), conversational English (B2+), and a university degree in Mathematics
We have compiled a search map and a list of relevant companies. Searches that resulted in offers:
  1. Search by technology, education, universities, and continuing education on Russian
  2. Search by technology, education, universities, and continuing education on Russian Linkedin: C++ Mathematician “Saint Petersburg State University” OR St. Petersburg State University OR ITMO OR NSU OR MSU “Computer Science Center" OR Cse
  1. The assigned tasks were 100% completed
  2. In 2 weeks, we sent 4 candidates to the client. Some applicants left the race after the technical interview. The weak point of almost each candidate was a lack of signal and image processing skills, as well as ignorance of optimization methods. We decided to shift our focus towards job seekers who were competent in those areas. The specialists were found among graduates of the top Russian technical universities (ITMO, St. Petersburg State University, Moscow State University, etc.) and Computer Science Center (a joint educational project created by JetBrains and Yandex)
  3. Over the next 6 weeks, 10 candidates were sent to the client, 6 successfully passed the technical interview, 5 received offers, 4 accepted and joined the Reflexion team. Now they're developing unique technologies for the global medical equipment market.