Mission possible: hire a Senior Java Developer in 2 months

Recruiting case in numbers

Senior Java Developer

Recruitment period—9 weeks

23 shows

23 most relevant resumes were chosen and shown to the client
19 interviews

Out of 23 candidates, 19 were invited to an interview
8 offers

8 candidates out of 19 received a job offer
4 hires

Every second candidate accepted the offer
Recruiting case in numbers

Senior Devops Engineer

Recruitment period—3 weeks

7 shows

7 most relevant resumes were chosen and shown to the client
5 interviews

Out of 7 candidates, 5 were invited to an interview
2 offers

2 candidates out of 5 received a job offer
2 hires

Both offers were accepted
Sumsub – Sumsub is an international company that develops solutions for user verification and fraud tracking based on Computer Vision and AI
  1. Find 4 Senior Java Developers (>5 years old) with Vanilla JS experience: Collections, Concurrency, JMM, GC, Data Structure and Algorithms
  2. Find 2 Senior Devops Engineers (>3 years) with Docker, Kubernetes, and AWS experience
We have compiled a search map and a list of relevant companies. Searches that resulted in offers:
  1. Search by title, level of developer, companies with algorithmic sections on Russian Linkedin: site:ru.linkedin.com/in intitle:Java intitle:Senior Avito OR Mail OR Vk
  2. Search by title, specialist level, and technology on Russian Linkedin: site:ru.linkedin.com/in intitle:Devops OR intitle:SRE OR intitle:”System Engineer” intitle:Senior Kubernetes OR K8S AWS
  1. The assigned tasks were 100% completed
  2. In 9 weeks, 4 Senior Java Developers have joined the Sumsub team. The client was satisfied with our speed, quality, and deep immersion, so he asked us to fill the Senior Devops Engineer vacancy too
  3. In 3 weeks, 2 Senior Devops Engineers started working on the company's products