5 accepted offers per month—myth or reality?

Recruiting case in numbers

Senior/Lead Frontend Developer

Recruitment period—5 months

95 shows

95 of the most relevant resumes were selected and shown to the client
80 interviews

Out of 95 candidates, 80 were invited to an interview
13 offers

13 candidates out of 80 received a job offer
9 hires

9 out of 13 offers were accepted
Yandex: Bootcamp: (RPO format)
Find a Senior/Lead Frontend Developer who knows Vanilla JavaScript, Data Structures and Algorithms
We have compiled a search map and a list of relevant companies. Searches that resulted in offers:
  1. Search by position, technology, level of developer, and active users on Habr Career: site:career.habr.com "Javascript Developer" OR “Frontend Developer” React Senior OR Lead OR Supervisor OR Senior OR Presenter "last visit * of the day"
  2. Search by unusual titles, level of developer, and technologies on Russian Linkedin: site:ru.linkedin.com/in intitle:"UI developer"|"JS Developer"|frontend|"interface developer"|"Interface developer" intitle:Senior OR intitle:Lead React
  3. Resume search by formats via filetype filetype:pdf OR filetype:doc OR filetype:docx OR filetype:txt OR filetype:rtv cv OR resume React Russia "Javascript Developer" OR "Javascript Engineer" OR "Javascript programmer" OR "Frontend Developer" O" “Frontend Engineer" OR "Frontend programmer"
  1. The assigned tasks were 100% completed
  2. In 5 months, 13 offers were made, and 9 developers joined the company (6 Seniors, 1 Team Lead, 2 Tech Leads)
  3. It was quite challenging to find a Team Lead Frontend Developer for the Yandex.Mail team. We worked on this vacancy for >5 months because the bar for hard (experience with Vanilla JavaScript: Promises, async, closures, and algorithms: complexity assessment, edge cases) and soft skills was high. Nevertheless, we managed to close it 3 months later.
  4. The client was so impressed with our speed and efficiency that they gave us an additional Senior Node.js Developer vacancy. It was filled in 1 month.
  5. We think of clients as friends; that's why, we help them not only with the hiring process, but also with the corporate training of recruiters. Learn more about this in the review left by Daria Karlova, IT recruitment Team Lead at Yandex Practicum in the Client Reviews.